2020 Convention Information


Registration is now open
Early Bird Registration fees:

Member $385
Non-Member $625
Spouse/Guest $55 (for banquet only)
As a reminder, to qualify for the Early Bird rate, payment must be received by March 25, 2020. If we do not receive payment by this date, the registration converts to the regular rate and attendees will be billed the difference.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  $25 Cancellation fee until March 25, 2020.  $75 Cancellation fee between March 26-April 22, 2020.  After April 22, 2020, there are no refunds for cancellations.  Substitutions are welcome at no charge.

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Wenatchee Coast Hotel  $119 single/double
201 N Wenatchee Ave
(509) 662-1234

Hilton Garden Inn  $149 single/double
25 N Worthen St
(509) 662-0600

Red Lion Hotel Wenatchee $110 single/double
1225 N Wenatchee Ave
(509) 663-0711

Best Western Plus Wenatchee $125 single/double
815 N Wenatchee Ave
(509) 662-1700


Keynote Speakers:

Dr. John Medina

Wherever the very latest neuroscience intersects with real-world challenges facing the workplace, education, healthcare, and our everyday lives, you’ll find energizing insights from brain scientist John Medina. His client-customized presentations, based on his own research and the findings of others share a common takeaway: How to optimize the performance of the human brain by improving, practices, interactions and environments. Whether you’re looking to maximize productivity, enhance creativity and innovation, improve learning and engagement, design brain-healthy spaces, make better hiring choices, or understand teenage behavior, Dr. Medina unlocks solutions and explains the fascinating inner-workings of the human brain with his trademark humor and enthusiasm. Acknowledged as one of the most engaging and crowd-pleasing speakers in the world of neuroscience, Dr. Medina is a developmental molecular biologist, researcher, professor and the author of ten books. His New York Times bestseller, Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving at Work, Home and School has been celebrated as the standard handbook on understanding the brain and optimizing its performance. Brain Rules has been translated into more than 20 languages and selected as a textbook at numerous universities. Dr. Medina’s focus is on the genes behind brain development and psychiatric conditions. He has spent most of his professional life as an analytical research consultant, working primarily in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries on research related to mental health. He also consults with hospitals and healthcare facilities on designing brain-healthy environments that reduce staff stress and improve patient outcomes. Recently, he expanded his interest in how the brain interacts with environments to office spaces, teaming up with award-winning architecture firm NBBJ. Dr. Medina is an Affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is also the Founding Director of the Talaris Research Institute studying how infants encode and process information at the cognitive, cellular and molecular level. Dr. Medina’s extensive study of the developing brain at different stages of life resulted in his most recent book, Attack of the Teenage Brain! Understanding and Supporting the Weird and Wonderful Adolescent Learner. He is also the author of Brain Rules for Baby and Brain Rules for Aging Well. Dr. Medina and his team work collaboratively with clients to understand his audiences and tailor his presentations to fit specific interests and challenges. His high-energy keynotes consistently receive high ratings and resounding applause. As one corporate event committee chair praised, “He was the talk of the conference—a rare combination of brilliance and engaging presentation style.”

Galen Emanuele

Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement
Galen's highly-interactive signature keynote teaches teams and organizations how to apply the core tenets of improv to skyrocket communication, leadership, self awareness, and emotional intelligence. Through skill-building exercises, participants come away with actionable tools to drive an intentional culture and be more effective team members and leaders through the five core tenets of improv; Saying Yes, Listening & Being Present, Making Others Look Good, Embracing Change, and Choosing Positivity. The concepts are universal and the activities are simple, relatable, and high-energy. No one gets called up on stage or put on the spot. It is equally impactful and profound for introverts, extroverts, and audiences of all industries, personality types, and backgrounds.