Insurance Program for Association Housing (IPAH)
Endorsed by: Affordable Housing Management Association of Washington (AHMA), Affordable Rural Housing Council (ARHC)
What is IPAH? A group property and casualty insurance program with high limits, broad coverage, and competitive rates.  While originally designed for affordable clients, the program has been expanded to include conventional properties.  On average, we save our members 15% a year.
What coverage is included in IPAH? Our broad coverage is designed specifically to meet the needs of the habitational market, with specific enhancements for the affordable housing market - including a $25,000,000 Umbrella - from "A" rated carriers.  Coverage meets all HUD, USDA, Tax Credit and other affordable housing requirements.
Options? In short, yes.  With a team of specialists at Propel, who focus on affordable housing, we understand the unique needs of affordable housing providers - including LIHTC coverage, as well as Abuse/Molestation coverage, Tenant Relocation, Green Coverage, and Tenant Discrimination.  We know the questions to ask to provide you with the options you need.
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