NAHMA Update -- CDC issues Interim Guidance on Preventing the Spreadof COVID-19 in Retirement Communities and Independent Living Facilities

March 22, 2020

Dear NAHMA Members,

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued Interim Guidance on “Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Retirement Communities and Independent Living Facilities.”

The guidance can be found here:

As well as on the NAHMA Coronavirus Resources webpage:

Per the CDC: “A retirement community or independent living facility is a residential or housing community that is usually age-restricted (e.g., aged 55 and older) with residents who are partially or fully retired and can generally care for themselves without regular nursing or other routine medical assistance. Communal facilities, community activities, meals, transportation, and socialization opportunities may be provided. Different types of independent housing with support services for older adults include:

  • Public housing for low- to-moderate income elderly
  • Assisted living homes that do not provide medical services
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities, which include a range of housing options including independent living.”

The CDC indicated the new interim guidance is for owners, administrators, operators, workers, volunteers, visitors, and residents of retirement communities and independent living facilities that are not healthcare facilities. 

The CDC guidance provides suggested steps that owners, operators, administrators and site employees can take, as well as steps that residents, volunteers and visitors can take.

In addition the CDC guidance suggests steps that may be taken if a case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in the retirement facility or independent living facilities.

Please share with your networks. As NAHMA receives updates from our federal partners, we will keep you updated.



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