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Notices and Regulations:

Proposed Rules for Source of Income and First in Time- November 29, 2016 

NAHMA Updates:

TRACS Notification on Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 Upgrade - August 28, 2018

NAHMA Update: Multifamily Housing Tax Credit Workshop Aug. 21 in SanJuan, Puerto Rico - August 8, 2018

NAHMA Update: Advocacy Challenge begins TODAY - July 27, 2018

NAHMA HUD Update: Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System – Old or Missing Data - July 11, 2018

NAHMA Update: Please Submit Feedback on MOR Form and Process - July 11, 2018

NAHMA LIHTC Update: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Rates for September 2018 - August 28, 2018
NAHMA HUD Update: HUD update regarding Retro-Active Gross RentChanges not processing in TRACS at this time -May 16, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: Pay for Success (PFS) 60-day PRA Now Available for Comments - May 15, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: HUD releases Guidance on How to Enforce a ZeroBased on 14-Day Physical Inspection Notification Period - May 14, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: HUD announces Trainings for the Lead Safe HousingRule Amendment - May 10, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: Memo Provides Clarification to Guidelines on PestManagement in HUD-Insured and Assisted Multifamily Housing - May 10, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: Notice Establishing Treatment of ABLE Accounts inHUD-Assisted Housing Programs Published- May 6, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: User Notification of HUD Single Sign-On (SSO)Upgrade Issue Resolution -April 29, 2019
NAHMA LIHTC Update: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Rates for July 2019 - June 19, 2019
NAHMAnalyses - GAO Report on REAC and Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request
 - June 18, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: HUD Publishes Revamped RAD Inventory Assessment Tool
 - June 4, 2019
NAHMA HUD Update: Multifamily Housing Programs Stakeholder Help Desk Notification
 - June 3, 2019



Government shut down:

NAHMA Update: HUD and USDA Government Shutdown Contingency Plans