2024 AHMA Bylaws Changes

The Affordable Housing Management Association of Washington (AHMA)  holds their annual meeting during the convention.  

The Board of Directors has voted to submit to the following changes in the Bylaws to the AHMA Membership for approval at the April 23 Annual Meeting.

The following is a brief description of, and the rationale for, each of the changes.

1. Change. Remove the two non-voting positions on the Board for regulators and replace those positions with voting board members. This would Increase the number of voting board members from fifteen (15) to seventeen (17).

Rationale. The decision to remove the non-voting positions for regulators stems from the realization that these positions did not serve their intended purpose effectively. The Board found that there is more interest and effectiveness in having representation through voting members rather than non-voting ones.

2. Change. Remove the language regarding specific positions in the composition of the board.

Rationale: The Board believes that it is better equipped to determine the composition of the Board without being constrained by specific positions outlined in the Bylaws. This change allows for greater flexibility in adapting to the evolving needs and dynamics of the organization.

Click here to view the Bylaws with the proposed changes

As a reminder, the Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors is still open. We especially want to encourage new members to apply for the AHMA of Wa Board of Directors. Serving as a board member is a great opportunity to help lead an important association in the affordable housing industry.

Click here for the Notice of Annual Meeting/Call for Board Nominations

If you have questions about the proposed Bylaws changes or are interested in applying for the board, please let me know ASAP.

The deadline for names to be placed on the official ballot: 12:00 Midnight on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.


Please contact DeAnn Hartman, Executive Director at [email protected] or 360-529-5818