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NAHMA Update  

NAHMA HUD Update: 2024 Income Limits Published with FAQs about the new cap on how much income limits can increase annually - April 2, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: Updated Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP)NOFOs Published - April 3, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: FY2024 Income and Rent Limits Update for CPD Programs - April 30, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: Feedback Requested on Draft Notice on Environmental Reporting Requirements for Certain Preservation Transactions; FFRMS Fina lRule & Webinar Series; Energy Efficiency Standards Update - May 1, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: Register for June Stakeholder Virtual Listening Sessions on HUD's FY25 PBCA Proposal - May 2, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: Fair Housing Act Guidance on Applications ofArtificial Intelligence in Tenant Screening, Advertising, and other Services - May 2, 2024
NAHMA HUD Update: HOTMA Final Rule for HCV and PBV Implementation Published - May 9, 2024


Notices and Regulations:

IRS issues standard mileage rates for 2022


AHMA of WA wins NAHMA award


US Housing Consultants | Free On-Demand Compliance Webinars - May 7, 2020


AHMA of WA's Comments on RD's 3560 9-23-20 proposed rule - December 8, 2020

USDA RD Updates

MFH Organizational Structure 12.15.2020
Download MFH Organizational Structure 12.15.2020 
MFH Property Assignment and Contact Information
Download MFH Property Assignment and Contact Information
Multifamily Housing Realignment Overview
Download Multifamily Housing Realignment Overview