Advanced Issues of Tax Credit Compliance Webinar

Thursday, August 15, 2024, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 

AHMA Member: $150 • Non-Members: $200

Trainer: A.J. Johnson

This course is for those individuals with advanced Tax Credit experience.  The course dives deeper into:

• The IRS & Compliance
• Extended Use Agreements
• Calculation of Credits
• Critical timeframes
• Placed In Service
• Important forms 

Qualified Census Tracts
4% and 9% Credits
Multiple Building Projects
Disproportionate Cost Issues
Deferral of Credits
Minimum Set-aside
Deep Rent Skewing

Habitability Issues
Changes in Eligible Basis
Excess rent Issues
Annual Owner Certification
Failure to meet Minimum Set-aside
General Public Use

• Advanced Rent Issues
• Common Area Fees
• Commercial Use
• Using HUD Income Table to Calculate Tax Credit Income Limits
• Special Occupancy Issues
• Initial Resident Files
• Tax-Exempt Bonds with Credits
• HOME Funds/Native American Housing Assistance
• Non-Profit Set-aside


Students will need a calculator.

This course will offer a 3-hour interactive Zoom meeting training session. 

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