NAHMA HUD Update: TRACS Release Implementation RESCHEDULED for Fall 2018

January 30, 2018

The TRACS Release 2.0.3.A 4-month implementation schedule date was to begin February 1, 2018. This implementation date is being RESCHEDULED to the Fall of 2018 to accommodate:

  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval of new and revised HUD forms and associated collection of information from the public; and
  • HUD Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) TRACS upgrade project to allow currently unsupported Cool:Gen v6.5 software development tools to be upgraded to the current vendor supported release CA Gen v8.6.

MFH will publish a final 4-month implementation schedule once TRACS has completed: [i] User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of TRACS software upgrade with industry software vendors and [ii] OMB approval of HUD’s new and/or revised forms for the collection of information. 

The attached implementation schedule, as well as the 2. TRACS 203A Final Industry Specification Documents WinZip file, are available for download in the upper right-hand corner of the TRACS webpage.