NAHMA Grassroots Alert: Ask Congress to Provide Adequate Housing Assistance and Relief to Properties from COVID-19 Devastating Impact

March 20, 2020


Dear NAHMA Members,


Many Americans are likely to suffer a loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, including current residents and property management staff. This will in turn harm their ability to fulfill their housing obligations. Currently, Congress has not provided any housing assistance to address the urgent need in our industry. We urge you to contact your Member of Congress and request that adequate relief be provided, including fully funding all rental assistance and vital affordable housing programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress must meet the need for robust assistance, as they consider various economic stimulus packages.



As Congress continues to develop financial assistance legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Ask your Lawmakers to Fully Fund Rental Assistance and Housing Programs to Offset Tenant Loss of Income from the COVID-19 Pandemic Congress should provide full financial assistance for both HUD and Rural Housing Service(RHS) programs to ensure that sufficient funds are available for tenants to meet their housing and utility obligations, helping to alleviate financial hardships that result from economic displacement or job-loss due to COVID-19.  Current appropriations for rental assistance will not be sufficient as tenant incomes are dramatically reduced or eliminated as a result of the anticipated loss of employment or lack of sufficient paid leave.


TELL CONGRESS: Fully fund HUD and USDA-RHS Rental Assistance Programs to offset the loss of tenant contributions.


Urge Congress Enact Emergency Rental Assistance Funding Legislation As Congress deliberates how best to respond, urge Members to include an emergency rental assistance fund to help families, currently unassisted by federal programs and struggling to afford rent and utilities because of a pay cut or job loss associated with COVID-19. It is imperative that such emergency assistance be quickly dispatched and be available in urban, suburban, and rural communities. 


TELL CONGRESS: Support and Enact an Emergency Rental Assistance Fund to help struggling families


Tell Your Congress about the Need for Financial Mitigation Measures

Rental properties are owned by individuals and small businesses that have financial obligations, including mortgages, utilities, payroll, insurance and taxes.  Many Americans are likely to suffer a loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, which will in turn harm their ability to fulfill their rent obligations.  As a result, even if rental relief were provided to large numbers of residents, it is likely that rent payment shortfalls would nevertheless impact the ability of rental property owners to satisfy their own financial obligations. 


TELL CONGRESS: Provide Support to rental property owners, such as forbearance and other financial obligations (utilities, taxes, insurance) to mitigate the loss of rental income from any gaps in the coverage of rental assistance



Please take a moment to contact your lawmakers.

Your legislators want to hear from you. Look-up your legislators or reach out to NAHMA Government Affairs staff for assistance with advocacy in DC and in your district. Write directly to your Senators and Representatives! Visit this free grassroots tool:!/




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