NAHMA HUD Update: COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Request Forms(Updated Guidance on Signatures)

August 11, 2020

Dear Multifamily Property Owners:

The COVID-19 Supplemental Payment (CSP) Request Form (OMB # 2502-0619) MUST be signed by an individual with legal authority. The signature Line 29, Owner/Owner Agent Signature requires signature by a recognized property owner or an individual who has previously received legal signature authority to commit the Owner to the terms of the CSP request. For Section 8 properties this includes the ability to commit the owner to conditions on owner distributions through July 30, 2021.  

If your initial submission was not signed by the owner or a legally authorized agent (usually provided by a board resolution or other legal delegation), HUD will allow a submission of the same CSP form with an authorized signature until COB on August 12, 2020.