NAHMA HUD Update: Final NSPIRE Standards File Now Available

June 23, 2023

Dear NAHMA Members,

HUD has recently published the final Inspection Standards for NSPIRE.

For more information, please view the announcement below.


Dear PHAs, Owners/Agents, software providers and other interested parties:

HUD published the final Inspection Standards for NSPIRE, the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate, yesterday in the Federal Register. Now that the Notice is out and in response to your requests, an initial machine-readable file of the new standards is now accessible here.

As additional versions are released, we will be updating and sharing them so that you have the latest as you build your applications. We will also be releasing a tutorial video on how to access the file. You can view additional instructional videos on NSPIRE that we’ve been posting as educational resources on the HUD YouTube channel.

We appreciate your efforts in sharing accurate information on NSPIRE as we work collaboratively to ensure HUD residents live in safe and healthy housing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond back to this message at [email protected].

Thank you,