NAHMA HUD Update: HUD Issues Request for Information from Potential PBCA Program Suppliers

October 3, 2016

Please click here to see the HUD update regarding the PBCA re-bid and HUD's recent posting of a Request for Information (RFI) from potential suppliers to PBCA program. The RFI is available here

As stated in the RFI, "The purpose of this RFI primarily involves refining our [HUD] approach and identifying opportunities and challenges that the PBCA program may face in implementing an acquisition strategy that could (1) combine both regional and national acquisitions, (2) address potential set-asides for small business versus unrestricted competition, and (3) identify services that could be obtained using fixed price, performance incentives, cost reimbursements, or other pricing types."  HUD is requesting contractors provide a brief description of how each of the following performance-based tasks can be accomplished at the national and/or regional level. The six tasks include:
  1. HAP Contract Processing - Renewing HAP Contracts, Processing Owner Opt-outs, Processing Terminations, Expirations, Combinations, Bifurcations, and Assumptions.
  2. Adjust Contract Rents and Conduct Utility Analysis.
  3. Conduct Management and Occupancy Reviews.
  4. Validate and Pay Monthly Vouchers from Section 8 Owners.
  5. Do Intake for and Respond to Tenant Health, Safety, and Maintenance Issues.
  6. Submit Contractor Financial Records and Certifications.
In addition to the tasks, HUD specifically is requesting contractors address the following questions:
  1. From your past experience, has HUD identified all the major tasks necessary to implement the PBCA acquisition? If not, please provide recommendations.
  2. HUD is contemplating the first two tasks being performed by one or more contractors at the national level. Based on your experience, what should HUD consider when implementing this approach?
  3. What other tasks could be implemented at the national level and why?
  4. What services might lend themselves to a small business set-aside and why would other services not seem likely candidates for set-aside?
  5. What NAICS Code would you suggest for these services.
  6. What task(s) should not be fixed price with performance incentives and disincentives and why? What alternative pricing structure should be used for the task(s)?
  7. Provide a list of potential issues associated with the proposed approach and whether they can be mitigated?

NAHMA cannot respond to this RFI, since we are not a contractor. NAHMA's TRACS and CA Committee will be monitoring the process. If members would like to share any thoughts and concerns with the RFI, I encourage you to provide feedback to me, as soon as possible. We will be discussing this topic at the October meeting with HUD.