NAHMA HUD Update: HUD Publishes CNA e-Tool Release 3.0 Operational Bulletin

May 21, 2020

Dear NAHMA Members,


Today, HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing published instructions for users regarding the deployment of CNA (Capital Needs Assessment) e-Tool Release 3.0 scheduled for August 24, 2020.  Please find the operational bulletin below:

1.               What is the purpose of this Bulletin?

              HUD will deploy CNA e-Tool Release 3.0 on August 24, 2020. This bulletin provides instructions for users. 

2.               What should users do?

Check your credentials, i.e., user ID and password.  All CNA e-Tool users will need an ID and password.  If you do not have these, you must take steps to obtain them.

FHA Multifamily originating lenders who already use the CNA e-Tool already have their M-ID and have worked with their firm’s coordinator to access the CNA e-Tool.  You do not need to take any action concerning your ID and password.

             Needs Assessors, who prepare CNAs for HUD Multifamily programs, will need an M-ID and password in order to prepare CNAs in Release 3.0.

FHA Multifamily lender/servicers who service insured mortgages must obtain an M-ID and password to review and submit 10-year-update CNAs and CNAs for other asset management purposes.

Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) participating in RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) must obtain M-IDs and passwords to submit CNAs to HUD for RAD projects.

             Participating Administrative Entities (PAEs) underwriting M2M (mark to market) transactions must obtain M-IDs and passwords to review and submit CNAs. 

For directions on obtaining credentials, review the Release 3.0 User Access Guide and watch the following tutorials: Obtaining an M-ID for Release 3.0 and Assigning Roles as a Participant Coordinator.  See item 4 below for information on upcoming training webinars.

3.               Data Transfer Period, Saving Work-in-Progress

A key change is that CNA e-Tool Release 3.0 eliminates the current Excel based Assessment Tool, which is the present method for entering CNA data.  Currently, needs assessors complete the Assessment Tool template for a property and then e-mail the completed file to a credentialed user who validates, reviews and then submits the CNA to HUD through the Submission Portal. (In Release 3.0, data entry is directly to the web application.) Time invested entering data in Excel Assessment Tool files for current projects will be lost if these excel files are not validated in the Submission Portal during the “Data Transfer Period.”

              The Data Transfer Period begins at 12:00 a.m. EDT on July 27 and expires at midnight EDT on August 20, 2020.

              If this window is missed, work stored in Assessment Tool excel files will be lost.

Assessment Tool files already validated in the Submission Portal with a status of “saved as draft,” “submitted”, “under review,” “returned,” or “approved” will automatically transfer to Release 3.0.  Detailed training on this important step is announced below.

  1. Register for Release 3.0 Training

During the week of June 22, HUD has scheduled four sessions of a webinar describing how to complete the data transfer process and get an M-ID credential for CNA e-Tool Release 3.0 

During the week of July 21, HUD will present four additional webinar sessions to demonstrate how the new CNA e-Tool works.

Each webinar has capacity for 1,000 participants.  Each webinar session will be recorded and the best of each posted for repeat viewing. You must obtain a HUD Exchange account to register. No registration will be needed to view the recorded version of each webinar.

See the webinar registration announcement with specific dates, times and registration instructions here: Register Today: CNA e-Tool Version 3.0 Webinar Series - Summer 2020.  

  1. What else are we planning?

HUD will publish a new User Guide for CNA e-Tool Release 3.0.  See CNA e-Tool web page.

              Additional tutorials will be posted in July and August to help users become familiar with Release 3.0.

HUD will provide training for MF Production staff in July and August.    

  1.  6.               Whom should I contact for further information?

              For further technical information, please email [email protected].

For user access issues, please email [email protected].