NAHMA Update: Keeping Residents Engaged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

December 11, 2020

Dear NAHMA Members,


With resident isolation increasing due to COVID-19, multifamily property managers and owners providing quality, safe, and affordable housing continue to adapt and find new ways to engage residents. Please find attached a list of innovative ways to engage with your residents during the pandemic, based on member ideas and suggestions (special thanks to  Jennifer Wood, Vice President, The John Stewart Company, AHMA Northern California & Hawaii).

Additionally, please find attached slides on ways to engage with residents experiencing social isolation from the AHMA East Texas webinar: “Thinking Outside the Box, Socializing While Socially Distant” (special thanks to Michael Alexander, Executive Director, AHMA East Texas).  

Please note that the “Thinking Outside the Box, Socializing While Socially Distant” slides are for internal distribution only. © AHMA East Texas 2020. All rights reserved. Used with permission from AHMA East Texas, 832-582-6678,